Isnin, 31 Ogos 2009

The Orange Nyonya Kebaya

everytime i see the orange nyonya kebaya,
i see her reflect in my eyes.
she's gone now,
and forever.
the orange nyonya kebaya,
are kept neatly,
in my closet,
as my precious thing ever.
i touch the orange nyonya kebaya,
and the tear come from nowhere.
the orange nyonya kebaya,
that i valued the most,
was hers,
and now mine.
i couldnt forget her,
even she's not here,
she's always in my mind,
with this orange nyonya kebaya.

Specially dedicated to my late grandmother, Shamsiah@Hamsah that passed away last year 2 days after my birthday in the same hospital where i was born.

Sabtu, 29 Ogos 2009

100 Roses

that 100 roses,
that i received last night,
has dry.
i cried the whole day,
thinking what would you say.
i wait for you,
to come,
to let you now,
but still,
there's no you,
in front of me.
i keep waiting,
days to weeks,
months to years.
you still didnt come,
and see me.
that 100 roses,
had already gone,
together with you.
i wonder where are you dear,
i ask myself for the answer.
at last i know,
that 100 roses,
is a goodbye gift,
that you give me,
for you to gone forever.

Kalau Benar Cinta Itu Ada

kalau benar cinta itu ada,
kenapa kadang-kadang dia datang,
kadang-kadang dia pergi,
hingga kadang-kadang,
aku tak mengerti.
kalau benar cinta itu ada,
kenapa mesti mereka menangis?
kenapa mesti mereka bersedih?
kenapa mesti mereka kecewa?
bukan aku tak percaya cinta itu ada,
aku cuma mencari benarnya.
dan jika benar cinta itu ada,
biarkan ia membahagiakan dunia.
tapi kata orang,
cinta itu buta.
mana mungkin cinta mempunyai mata?
bukan cinta itu ada dalam hati?
tidak berfizikal, tidak juga berakal.
kalau benar cinta itu ada,
beritahu dunia,
yang cinta itu sebenarnya,
milik semua.

Khamis, 6 Ogos 2009

July 19, 2009

Good Night, Dear.

hey, dear...,
the night was so calm,
so breezy,
so easy,
hey, dear...,
look at the starry sky,
look at the shining moon,
look at them in the darkest night,
hey, dear...,
you are not here,
not there,
not anywhere,
i'm missing you,
like you are far,
thinking of you,
always in my head,
hey, dear..,
could you understand me?
would you understand me?
should you understand me?
hey, dear...,
if you ever love me,
if you ever like me,
just let me know,
coz living in this world,
without knowing your feeling,
is such a pain that i could never can bear.

Andai Takdir Itu Aku Yang Cipta

Andai takdir itu aku yang cipta,
akan aku jadikan dunia ini,
milik aku dan si dia,
andai takdir itu aku yang cipta,
akan aku jadikan semua impian,
tertunai akhirnya,
andai takdir itu aku yang cipta,
akan aku jadikan setiap umat bumi ini,
berbahagia sampai bila-bila,
bukan aku penciptanya,
bukan aku milikinya,
aku juga seorang yang takdirnya,
belum lagi diketahui,
belum lagi dieksplorasi,
takdir itu bukan aku yang cipta,
tapi akan aku jadikan takdir itu,
satu penentu,
yang aku akhirnya menjadi aku.

July 18, 2009

kala cinta itu berbohong,
aku percaya cinta itu benar,
aku percaya cinta itu wujud,
aku percaya cinta itu tulus,
kala cinta itu berbohong,
aku tahu ianya perit,
aku tahu ianya sakit,
aku tahu ianya racun,
bisa membinasakan manusia,
kala cinta itu berbohong,
aku masih merindu,
aku masih menunggu,
aku masih mencinta,
kala cinta itu berbohong,
aku mahu mengerti,
aku mahu mengasihi,
aku mahu merasai,
biar cinta itu berbohong,
biar cinta itu berdusta,
biar cinta itu menipu,
namun masih aku meronta,
mengharap yang semua itu,
tidak benar,
bira kala cinta itu berbohong,
namun masih aku disini,
mencari erti sebenar cinta.

My Name Is Art

I walk alone,
On the alley of the shadows,
and people look at me,
like i'm a complete stranger,
but they didn't even know me,
don't judge a book by its cover,
and making up stories about me,
but none is true,
my name is art,
i live my own life,
walk on my own path,
too complicated to undesrstand,
too complex to say,
time keep moving on,
and i still there,
still be me,
people keep talking about me,
but they no nothing,
my name is art,
and art is life.

Dearie, people....,

I'm writing this blog not to be popular.., not to be known..., not be wealth..., i'm writing this blog because of my sense of art..., thanks to suffiah hakikin, nurul amira, my beloved parents, abah and mak, roommate, nur shahira and nur syuhada hidayah and dear guys who appreciate art...., thanks to all of you that now i'm writing my blog just to make art more beautiful..., just read and enjoy all the thing that i might write..., and art is more than what you can imagine....,