Selasa, 9 Februari 2010

Clumsy Love Song

i stare blankly,
at the piece of plain paper.
i triy to make a sweet love song,
but i guess i just can't.
i walk up and look up,
the sun shine brightly,
and the sky is blue.
birds chirphing happily,
while others come with melody.
ahead i see crowd,
i wonder what they are for?
oh, a woman stand up on a stage,
singing a happy song,
while others dancing around,
i was too estacized with them,
that i forgot my lyrics.
i came back home,
and sat on my couch.
i put my pen down,
and the words are done.
here's my love song,
of the series that is,
longing from everyone.

Isnin, 1 Februari 2010

coz you know i love you

The days go by..,

and have become years…,

the feeling that I have never had before…,

I could feel it now whenever with you..,

When you are smiling…,

You gave me ease…,

When you are crying…,

You gave me worries…,

Even when the world is upside down…,

Life has never seemed that way…,

Because I have you by my side…,

You make me living with thousand years of happiness…,

You make me dying when you gave me no words…,

it is hard when you went away…,

coz you know I love you…,